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Should You Buy Bitcoin, Gold, or Land?

Bitcoin has hit several record highs as investors flee other asset classes to participate in the “digital gold” rush. The cryptocurrency has managed to be a better store of value than many currencies and has performed better than all major asset classes in the last five years.

7 Reasons to still buy Bitcoin in 2021

After breaking the $20,000 barrier in December 2020, Bitcoin has gone on to reach unprecedented heights this year, trading at over $60,000 per coin in April. In many ways, this ride to the top has been different from 2017 because the cryptocurrency has received substantially more institutional and mainstream interest this time around. We have… Continue reading

How to Send Money to Nigeria Online Within Minutes

If you have ever tried to send money home from somewhere outside Nigeria, you know about the challenges with existing digital transfer applications. In this article, you will discover how to send money to Nigeria online within minutes and without hassle using Cryptofully. Remittances to Nigeria Nigeria represents a large chunk of remittance flows to Africa…. Continue reading

Myths about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still widely misunderstood, giving rise to a lot of myths being circulated around it.  As with any new area of investment, cryptocurrencies have prompted potential investors and analysts to ask many questions. Over the years, digital currencies have experienced significant boosts in popularity; regardless, there are still untruths, myths, and rumors about it. … Continue reading

6 Ways to Use Bitcoin in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the biggest bitcoin markets in the world, ranking fifth in cryptocurrency ownership globally. According to a 2020 report by Arcane Research, eleven percent of internet users in Nigeria own cryptocurrency compared to 13 percent in South Africa and seven percent worldwide. So, how are Nigerian bitcoiners using the digital currency? Let’s find… Continue reading