Top 20 African Crypto Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Crypto Twitter can be a great place to learn more about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and what the world of decentralized technologies has to offer.

To learn from some of the best in the industry, we recommend that you follow some (or all) of these African crypto influencers on Twitter.

Chimezie Chuta

Chimezie is one of the leading voices promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in Nigeria. He is the founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group and the co-founder of Blockvisory Tech Ltd.

Chimezie Chuta has a significant following on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can follow him here.

Alakanani Itireleng

Popularly known as Africa’s Bitcoin Lady, Alakanani Itireleng is a leading crypto educator in Africa. She’s the founder of Satoshicentre, a learning institute looking to educate Botswanans about blockchain technology.

She has run numerous blockchain boot camps and helped train a lot of people. You can follow her here.

Chris Ani

Chris Ani is a popular cryptocurrency trainer in Nigeria. He’s the founder of Daba, a reputable online educational platform. He was named 2020’s Cryptocurrency Influencer in Africa by Binance.

He has written a book on cryptocurrency for beginners. You can follow Chris Ani on Twitter here.

Paul Ezeafulukwe

Paul Ezeafulukwe is an influencer at the forefront of cryptocurrency regulation discussions in Nigeria. He was the former president of SIBAN (Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria), a leading blockchain community in Nigeria.

Follow Paul on Twitter here.

Senator Ihenyen

Senator Ihenyen is a blockchain lawyer who devotes some of his time to training lawyers on blockchain and crypto regulations.

He’s the current president of SIBAN (Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria). You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Lucky Uwakwe

Lucky is a respected figure in the cryptocurrency community in Nigeria. He’s currently among the core team of DFI.MONEY, a DeFi project.

He has spoken at several blockchain conferences and to financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). You can follow him on Twitter to learn from his rich blockchain knowledge.

Salako Ayomide

Salako Ayomide is a popular cryptocurrency trader and educator. He has a YouTube channel and a Telegram group where he teaches people about cryptocurrencies and trading.

You can check him out on Twitter here.

Kwame Rugunda

Kwame Rugunda is the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Uganda and CEO at CryptoSavannah, which develops blockchain solutions and provides advisory services to governments and the private sector.

He also has experience providing management consulting for governments and the United Nations. He’s on Twitter here.

Elisha Owusu Akyaw

Elisha Owusu Akyaw is one of the youngest African blockchain influencers and journalists. He’s the chief editor of cryptocurrency news site BlockNewsAfrica.

Find him on Twitter to receive regular updates about the cryptocurrency space in Africa.

Munachi Ogueke

Munachi is one of the top cryptocurrency voices in Nigeria and the Chief Business Officer for a leading crypto exchange in Africa.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Tola is the founder of Cryptomasterclass, an online blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform. He was one of the nominees for Binance’s top crypto influencers in Africa.

Tola has a significant following on Twitter, where he tweets daily on the cryptocurrency market and shares investing tips.

Gaius Chibueze

Gauis Chibueze is the founder and CEO of Tatcoin and Abinetwork, and is often referred to as Bitcoinchief on Twitter. He’s one of the top crypto influencers in Nigeria.

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Follow him on Twitter here.

Nathaniel Luz

Nathaniel Luz is a futurist and crypto influencer in Nigeria. He was the Team Leader of Dash Nigeria, helping them to increase adoption in the country.

He is the author of “Digital is the Cash,” a book he wrote to teach crypto beginners about the new money of the internet.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

Lorien Gamaroff

Lorien Gamaroff is a South African blockchain expert and the founder of two blockchain startups.

Lorien has spoken on cryptocurrencies on top forums invited by organizations like the IMF, World Bank, FBI and Commonwealth Secretariat, and the South African Reserve Bank.

Learn more from him on his Twitter page.

Devon Krantz

Devon Krantz is the managing director of Linum Labs, a blockchain software development studio. Her firm focuses on building real-world implementations in healthcare & identity.

Her company, Linum Labs, has consulted for companies like Barclays, PwC, De Beers and the Swiss Railway to develop blockchain architectures.

Follow her on Twitter here.

Keith Mali

Keith’s the COO of Swirge Network, a decentralized social media, marketplace and payment platform.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

Ezenwaogene Ifeanyi

Ezenwaogene founded Crypto Fortune, an online crypto trading masterclass in Nigeria. He is known as one of the top crypto traders in Nigeria.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Emmanuel Babalola

Emmanuel is a prominent voice in the cryptocurrency space in Nigeria and also the current Business Development Manager at Binance Nigeria.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Toju Kaka

Toju Kaka is a bitcoin evangelist in Nigeria and also a Blockchain consultant. He wrote a book titled “Understanding EOS.”

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Follow him on Twitter here.

Obi Nwosu

Obi Nwosu is a bitcoin expert based in Britain. He’s the CEO of a UK-based crypto exchange, servicing only the UK market.

He’s keen on educating people about cryptocurrency. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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