How to Send Money to Nigeria with a Credit Card

If you’re outside Nigeria, sending money with a credit card directly to a Nigerian bank account can be easy and cheap when you’re using the right platform.

In this article, you will discover how to send money to Nigeria with a credit card using Cryptofully.

How to Send Money to Nigeria with a Credit Card

The good thing about the platform is that it works well even if you don’t own bitcoin. Cryptofully allows users to buy and send bitcoin directly with a credit card using foreign and local fiat currencies at the best rates on the market. Popular credit card providers like Mastercard and Visa are supported.

On the backend, Cryptofully uses a peer-to-peer network that enables it to convert bitcoin to naira instantly and directly settle in a Nigerian bank account. However, the user doesn’t have to look for another peer to convert bitcoin to naira. Cryptofully takes care of that ensuring the user has a seamless experience.

send money to nigeria with credit card

Sending money with a credit card is great for individuals who don’t have bitcoin but still want to enjoy the benefits of blockchain-powered money transfers. Cryptofully supports two global payment processors that make this possible: Mercuryo and MoonPay.

Mercuryo supports currencies including the US dollar, euro, and British pound and allows users to transfer money directly from their Apple Pay and Google Pay accounts.

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MoonPay allows users with a Visa or Mastercard credit card to send money using bitcoin. That means you enjoy the benefits of sending money using the Bitcoin network without actually holding bitcoin.

To start using either of Cryptofully’s solutions for cross-border payments, you have to log onto or download the app on either the Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

Then, all you have to do is sign up with your email, specify the amount you want to send, enter the details of the recipient and use the credit card option to send the money.

How to Use Cryptofully to Send Money to Nigeria With Your Card

1. Go to

2. Choose a preferred currency to send the money in. USD, Bitcoin, and Dash are available.

3. You can choose between either the Floating Rate or Fixed Rate.

  • Floating Rate: The Bitcoin exchange rate is dynamic for this option based on the market condition.
  • Fixed-Rate: The Bitcoin exchange rate is locked for each transaction.

Step 2: Input the amount you want to send to the recipient

4. Choose either the USD, Bitcoin, or Naira option.

5. Specify the amount you want to transfer and put in your email.

Step 3: Fill in the bank account details of the person receiving the money

6. On the following page, you can input the recipient’s Nigerian account number and bank name.

Step 4: Choosing a sending option

7. Next, you will be able to choose your sending option. Select the option of not having a crypto wallet. You can then choose between MoonPay and Mecuryo to send money with your credit card.

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8. Allow some time after paying with your credit card. The money will arrive in the recipient’s Nigerian bank account in a short period.

With Cryptofully, you don’t have to worry about the payment option before making a digital money transfer to a Nigerian bank account. You have the choice between Bitcoin, Dash, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Download Cryptofully now to send money back home seamlessly.

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